Sustainability - the journey is the reward!

At Mahlo GmbH + Co KG, we understand sustainability as a holistic approach that combines economic success, ecological responsibility and social justice. Our efforts in this area are aimed at achieving a long-term positive impact on our environment, our customers and our employees, while at the same time reducing costs and ensuring our economic success.

Eco responsibility

Cost savings

Future-oriented strategy

Customer appreciation

Responsibility to the environment

By using resources sparingly, reducing waste and promoting renewable energies, we are helping to protect our environment and preserve the natural foundations of life for future generations.

Cost savings through sustainable measures

A central aspect of our sustainability strategy is cost savings through the efficient use of resources. We use state-of-the-art technologies to save energy and water and continuously optimize our production processes. These measures not only help to protect the environment, but also significantly reduce our operating costs. This helps us to remain competitive and keep our prices stable.

Future-oriented strategy

Sustainability is a key component of our long-term business strategy. By integrating sustainable practices, we not only secure our current economic success, but also lay the foundations for future growth. For us, sustainability means acting responsibly in order to leave a world worth living in for future generations. By focusing on environmental and social sustainability, we are positioning ourselves as a future-proof company that makes a positive contribution to both the market and society.


Appreciation from customers and employees

Sustainability is not just an internal concern, but a value that we share with our customers and employees. Our customers appreciate the high environmental standards that we adhere to in our production processes and know that they can rely on the quality and sustainability of our products. This strengthens the trust of our customers.

Our employees also benefit from our commitment to sustainability. We want to increase the satisfaction and motivation of our workforce by providing a safe and healthy working environment. The next generation of skilled workers also attaches greater importance to sustainability in our corporate culture.


Fruit trees for more "green"

As an active sign of more resource-conserving and environmentally friendly behavior in the workplace, the sustainability team, under the patronage of owner Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo and Managing Director Rainer Mestermann, has planted five fruit trees on the company premises. These not only provide a valuable habitat for numerous insects and birds and contribute to a better climate, but will later provide employees with delicious fruit


Cooperation with Saal beekeeping association

Around 35,000 bees have found a new home on the Mahlo company premises. Through our cooperation with the Saal beekeeper Stefan Gallmeier, we not only support local beekeeping, but also receive a quota of pure, regional honey that we can offer to our employees and customers.

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They pollinate numerous plants that are essential for both food production and the preservation of biodiversity. Without bees, the diversity and availability of many types of fruit and vegetables would drastically decrease. By protecting and promoting bees, we are making an important contribution to sustainability and the preservation of our natural environment.