Cooperation with Saal beekeeping association

Home for bees, honey for employees and guests

There is a hive of activity next to the main gate of Mahlo GmbH + Co KG in Saal. A whole host of new "Mahlonese" are tirelessly setting off on business trips. However, these employees are buzzing in the air. For a good month now, two beehives with around 35,000 bees from Saal beekeeper Stefan Gallmeier have been on the company premises in Donaustraße. 

"Bees are the key figure in our ecosystem. They ensure the pollination of a large proportion of plants and therefore make a valuable contribution to crop yields," explains the experienced beekeeper. However, the loss of their natural habitat and factors such as climate change and food shortages are increasingly endangering this important beneficial animal. This makes protected accommodation all the more important. The bee colony has found this at Mahlo. Gallmeier brought a few jars of his honey for the machine manufacturer as a kind of housewarming gift. Although it is not yet from the Mahlo bees, the colony is working tirelessly on it. 

"As a company, we are happy to support regional beekeepers in increasing the honey bee population," said Managing Director Rainer Mestermann. In addition to the space for the beehives, the company donated 250 euros to the beekeeping association. In addition to the good cause, the cooperation also has a positive effect for the company. Regional bee honey is a purely natural product and a delicacy for many people. "We can then use "our" honey as an exclusive gift for selected customers, guests and employees."

A flower strip is currently being planted right next to the beehives to provide food. Both activities are part of the sustainability project at Mahlo. The topic is particularly close to company owner Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo's heart and Mestermann sees it as a corporate responsibility to make sustainable decisions.

A nine-strong sustainability team from the workforce has therefore been entrusted with the task of working intensively on integrating resource-conserving behavior into the company's practices. The cooperation with beekeeper Gallmeier is one of many projects.