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Mahlo weftstraightening and process control system at textile finishing
Icon Textile
Textile manufacturing & Finishing

Weft straighteners, process control of moisture, dwell time, thread density and more for textile finishing, carpets and technical textiles

Quality control measurement on a spunlace nonwoven line
Icon Nonwoven
Nonwoven manufacturing & finishing

On-line measurement and control of basis weight, moisture, thickness and density for quality control of nonwovens

QMS Uniscan measuring frame
Icon Coating & Converting
Coating & Converting of continuous web products

On-line measurement of basis weight, coat weight, lamination, coating thickness and moisture for coating and converting processes

Qualiscan QMS 12 Kirson
Icon Extrusion
Extrusion coating, film & sheet

On-line measurement and control of film and sheet thickness, thin layer, barrier layer measurement and profile control for extruded film and sheet

QMS 12 Webpro measuring frame with paper
Icon Paper
Production and processing of paper & cardboard

On-line basis weight, coat weight, moisture and thickness measurement for wet and dry paper, tissue, carton and cardboard