With over 77 years of industry experience and expertise, Mahlo is your secure partner for the future!

Our world class manufacturing and continuous investment in R&D bring forward new and better measurement solutions for our customers through collaboration and strong partnerships. We support manufacturers in a wide range of industry sectors.

In which industry are you at home?

Mahlo weftstraightening and process control system at textile finishing


Icon Textile
Textile manufacturing & Finishing

Weft straighteners, process control of moisture, dwell time, thread density and more for textile finishing, carpets and technical textiles

Quality control measurement on a spunlace nonwoven line


Icon Nonwoven
Nonwoven manufacturing & finishing

On-line measurement and control of basis weight, moisture, thickness and density for quality control of nonwovens

QMS Uniscan measuring frame


Icon Coating & Converting
Coating & Converting of continuous web products

On-line measurement of basis weight, coat weight, lamination, coating thickness and moisture for coating and converting processes

Qualiscan QMS 12 Kirson


Icon Extrusion
Extrusion coating, film & sheet

On-line measurement and control of film and sheet thickness, thin layer, barrier layer measurement and profile control for extruded film and sheet

Mahlo Tile Battery


Icon Battery
Production of lithium-ion batteries and separator film

On-line measurement and control of basis weight and thickness on battery film and anode / cathode coating

QMS 12 Webpro measuring frame with paper


Icon Paper
Production and processing of paper & cardboard

On-line basis weight, coat weight, moisture and thickness measurement for wet and dry paper, tissue, carton and cardboard


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Would you like a little insight?

Join Managing Director Rainer Mestermann and owner Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo for a little peek behind the scenes. Take a short tour of our family-owned company. With Mahlo you choose industry-leading measurement and control solutions for the textile, coating, extrusion, film and paper industries.

Worldwide champion in on-line process measurement and control solutions for web processes

Family-owned since 1945. Innovation with tradition.  With Mahlo you choose industry leading measurement and control technology solutions for the textile, coating, extrusion, film and paper industry.

Our world class manufacturing and continuous investment in R&D bring forward new and better measurement solutions for our customers through collaboration and strong partnerships.

Mahlo is your secure partner for the future!

Orthopac RVMC now in 3D view!

Explore Mahlo's weft straighteners yourself with your mouse.

The Orthopac RVMC is Mahlo's universal straightening system for correcting fabric distortions for almost all applications. Explore the weft straightener yourself in 3D on your screen and find out about important details!


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Product overview

The right solution for every purpose

Weft straighteners

... from Mahlo - The best way in the world to realign distorted fabric optimally

Mahlo offers a wide range of systems for distortion detection and correction.

An Orthopac weft straightening system automatically detects and straightens distortions of almost all textile products, such as woven or knitted fabrics, carpets, towels and much more.

The Orthomax pin wheel weft straightening system is a fusion of an optical weft straightener and a mechanical pin wheel straightener.

The Orthofact is the classic mechanical pin wheel straightener.


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Process control

... that pays for itself

The most valuable energy is the one that is not used!

If you want to lower costs by optimising profitability and adding value, there is a simple way to reach this objective: by saving energy. Mahlo supports you with optimised process control.

The energy efficiency of the production plants can be drastically increased through suitable measuring and control technology from Mahlo. This means, at the same time, increased productivity with usually improved reproducible quality, optimised raw materials usage and work effort accompanied by clearly improved plant utilisation.


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Touch screen of the Qualiscan QMS for display and operation

Quality control

... for textile, nonwoven, coating & converting, extrusion and paper

Traversing quality control system Qualiscan QMS-12

The traversing quality control system Qualiscan QMS can measure and control critical process parameters on the running web across the entire width of the product.

We provide a large selection of cutting-edge sensor technology to handle diverse tasks like control of basis weight, coating weight, thickness, moisture etc.


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