International Women's Day 2024

Many professions in industrial companies - especially in the manufacturing sector - are still purely male-dominated. So it's all the better that this is changing step by step at Mahlo.

It’s a man’s world? Not at Mahlo!

Even today, young women and men still orientate their choice of profession strongly on whether it is a so-called female or male profession. This tendency becomes even stronger over the course of a working life. As a result, important potential is lost in all occupational fields.

If you look at Mahlo’s industrial and technical departments, you will find twelve women among the approximately 120 employees. That is 10 %, not a bad figure compared to similarly sized companies, but there is still room for improvement. We are therefore pleased that two of the eight industrial trainees in this training year are girls: Lisa Scheuerer as a warehouse logistics specialist and Anita Figur as a mechatronics technician. With Lena Geißler from the 2nd year of training, there are a total of three girls in the industrial training programme. When Lisa decided on her vocational training, the area of responsibility was particularly important and not clichés: "For me, there are no typical male or female professions. Anyone can do anything." She had no reservations beforehand. And even though the classes at the vocational school tend to be more boys orientated - there are also some girls here.

One girl who has already completed her training and gained experience as a skilled worker is Kübra Yayalagül. "I have never regretted my decision and would do it again and again," says the trained industrial mechanic. There were no difficulties in her specialist department either: "My colleagues were really friendly and welcoming."  She therefore advises all girls who want a "man's job" not to shy away from it. "You won't regret it, because you can achieve a lot as a woman in a man's world."