Microwave sensors

Microwave resonance - measurement of moisture

Two standing microwaves are generated in the sensor. One is used as reference. The second is absorbed by water and therefore dampened as well, in addition, the resonance frequency changes. The moisture content in the material can be determined by comparing both waves. Measurement of the microwave resonance is suitable for residual and high moisture of all non-metallic products.

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    Microwave moisture Sensor Aqualot AMF

    Aqualot AMF

    Measurement of moisture

    Coating & ConvertingPaperTextileNonwovensMoisture (Web)

    Microwave damping / phase shifting

    The Aqualot AMF sends microwaves through the moist product web. The water in the product causes damping and phase shifting of the microwaves. The material…

    Microwave resonance sensor Aqualot HMF-T for moisture measurement

    Aqualot HMF-T

    Measurement of moisture

    Coating & ConvertingPaperTextileNonwovensMoisture (Web)High moistureLow moistureResidual moisture

    Microwave resonance

    The Aqualot HMF use microwave technology to measure moisture without contact. The system measures regardless of the composition of the water, pH value changes in the…