Coating & Converting Technologies - Measuring systems for quality control

Solutions for finishing and coating of flexible materials

Whether you produce adhesive tape or food packaging, gift wrapping paper or car roof sheeting, sandpaper or flooring, truck tarpaulins or plasters: Every application has various parameters and requirements to be considered.

From measuring basis weight on heavily coated board to measuring basis weight, thickness, moisture and coating weight simultaneously on very wide high-speed label lines, we have the answer to your needs. With accurate process control sensors, we ensure that your coating & converting process will be carried out with the highest efficiency. The quality of the finished product will speak for itself.

With our vast experience and expertise in quality control we can adapt systems specifically for processes in coating, converting, finishing and calendering.

  • Laminating
  • Saturating
  • Roll Coating
  • Direct Die Coating
  • Curtain Coating
  • Rod Coating
  • Knife-over-Roll
  • Air Knife Coating
  • Belt Coating
  • Kiss Coating
  • Rubber Calendering
  • Vinyl Calendering
  • Embossing Calendering

Products for Coating & Converting

Find suitable products for your coating & converting applications

Processing of webs

Converting a material means changing the original material - the substrate - into something new. Typical converting processes include printing, laminating or applying a coat onto the substrate. Among the many converting processes coating is one of the most frequently used ones. For most coating & converting technologies the use of webs has become standard.

The industrial process of coating usually consists of the application of an additional layer to a substrate, such as fabric, paper, film or foil. Depending on the designated use of the material, coatings can be decorative or functional.

The Coating & Converting market is very diverse and demands a quality control system that is both flexible and configurable. In addition, these industries have become increasingly more competitive resulting in tighter product specifications and more challenging profit margins.

Mahlo’s extensive expertise in providing sophisticated technologies covers more than twenty-five years. Our experience and understanding of converting processes have allowed us to tailor quality control systems suitable for every process requirement.

Systems from fixed measuring points to traversing measuring systems for single and double-sided measurement with several synchronized scanners are available.

With the comprehensive portfolio of sensors, important parameters such as basis weight, coating weight, moisture or thickness can be recorded, logged, and controlled. The measuring methods range from beta gauges and X-ray sensors to infrared, microwave, laser or white light interference and airflow measurement.