Mahlo OnStage: Converters Expo South

The one-day trade show, Converters Expo South, taking place in Greenville on February 20, 2024, will allow attendees from Mahlo Gmbh + Co KG, among others, to connect with other industry peers about coating & converting. Mahlo America, who will be represented at the trade fair, is looking forward to many visitors and a cognitive exchange.

The opportunity to expand the sales network.

The American market is an important sales channel for Mahlo GmbH. The converting industry is growing more and more, so it is not a bad thing to improve its capabilities. The focus is now increasingly on sustainability and quality.


Mahlo America stands out with quality control solutions "Made in Germany" that meet the increasing requirements. With its process control sensors, we ensure that coating and machining processes are carried out with maximum efficiency. Our extensive experience allows us to customize systems specifically for coating, converting, finishing, and calendering processes for individual applications.


Visit Mahlo America at booth 500 with Alan Lavore and David Jilson during Converters Expo South to discuss the future of quality control technology and discover how Mahlo is changing it with its innovative solutions.