Sustainability as an entrepreneurial task

At a time of challenges posed by climate change, it is important for companies to take responsibility for sustainable work. This is also a concern for the Saale-based machine manufacturer Mahlo.

„Fruit trees for more "green"grün“

The issue of sustainability is particularly close to the hearts of the owner family Greenwood-Mahlo. Under the patronage of Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo and Managing Director Rainer Mestermann, a nine-strong sustainability team has been formed. Its task is to work intensively on integrating resource-conserving behaviour into the company's practices.

To emphasise the importance of the team's work, the entrepreneurial family has donated three apple trees and two pear trees and planted them on the extensive, green company grounds. Berry bushes are to follow. "Fruit trees in particular are true marvels for nature," says owner Aura Greenwood-Mahlo, explaining the choice. "They provide a valuable habitat for numerous insects and birds, contribute to a better climate and you can also harvest delicious fruit for the employees." And even if the harvest may not materialise this year, the main focus is on the ecological benefits.

However, planting trees alone will not be enough in future. "By making sustainable decisions and taking measures to minimise our ecological footprint, we can not only protect the environment, but also ensure the long-term success of our company," says Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo. For example, sustainable practices can lead to cost savings by reducing the consumption of resources and enabling efficiency gains. With a view to future generations - the youngest son Luca took part in the planting campaign - the entrepreneur states: "You plant trees for the future." This also symbolises many more successful years at the Saal site.