Let's ask...Thomas Höpfl

At Techtextil, we took the opportunity to ask our sales manager Thomas Höpfl a few questions about the exciting technical textiles sector.

The importance of process control for technical textiles

Technical textiles and nonwovens can be used in many different ways. Are there any areas or applications that are currently particularly „on trend“?

There are quite a few, the whole sector is more or less on trend. Sustainability is of course an important topic. The demand for sustainable materials and production processes, recycled fibres and degradable fabrics is constantly increasing. Smart textiles, i.e. intelligent textiles with sensors, LEDs and other electronic components, are also becoming increasingly popular. They are used in medicine, sport and fashion. Due to environmental threats such as forest fires and pandemics, the demand for protective textiles such as flame-retardant fabrics and respiratory masks is increasing. Other trends include lightweight and high-tech materials used in the aerospace, automotive and construction industries, as well as textiles for the automotive industry, medical applications and clothing.


For which applications are Mahlo systems particularly suitable?

Thanks to our broad portfolio, we are a great support for an efficient production process in many applications. In textile processing and production, our straightening machines ensure that the fabric is straight. We use process control systems to optimise drying and fusing processes as well as the processes surrounding the stenter frame. Our Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system monitors important parameters such as thickness, density or even material application for almost all web-shaped products such as nonwovens, films or coated articles. Overall, Mahlo systems are indispensable in many branches of industry for improving product quality, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.


What sets Mahlo apart from similar systems on the market?

Mahlo is characterised by several factors that set us apart from our competitors. One is, of course, our many years of expertise. The company was founded in 1945 and has decades of experience in the industry. This experience is reflected in the quality and reliability of our products. Another advantage is our wide range of measurement and control systems. This enables customers to select the most suitable system for their specific requirements. Our R&D department at the company headquarters in Saal is continuously developing our products to enable even more accurate measurements and more precise controls. This also allows us to develop customised solutions. We customise our systems as far as possible to the specific requirements of each customer, whether in the textile, paper, plastics or coating industry. In summary, Mahlo offers a combination of experience, technology, customised solutions and a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction that makes us a leading supplier of measuring and control systems.

Saving energy and resources is an important issue. The cost of raw materials is also constantly rising. How can Mahlo systems help to reduce these costs?

Efficient process control is the keyword here. By precisely measuring and controlling parameters such as weight, moisture, density and thread tension on running fabric webs, companies can optimise raw material consumption and at the same time ensure the quality of their products. Precise monitoring of basis weight, moisture and thickness during production minimises material waste and rejects. This leads to cost savings and more sustainable production. The same principle applies to energy savings. If goods are only dried for as long as necessary, for example, this means considerable savings potential. Process and quality management also increases the quality of the goods. For the manufacturer, this means fewer rejects and lower costs for reworking and sorting. If you would like more information on the specific savings potential of Mahlo systems, I recommend using the profitability calculator on the Mahlo website. This calculator shows how much money you can save by using Mahlo process control.


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