Maypole raising at Mahlo

Erecting the Maibaum at Mahlo's

Yes, Mahlo has its own maypole for the first time this year. A successful idea that can become a tradition.

Mahlo is particularly proud of its Bavarian roots. Bavaria is particularly proud of its many traditions. One of them is the setting up of the maypole. That is why this year Mahlo did not miss the opportunity to celebrate a small May festival with its own maypole.

The idea for this came from the mechanical engineering company's youth training representation (JAV) with the executive team Nina Merschel, Lukas Fanderl and Eric Schneider. Together with their trainee colleagues, they did not simply organise a ready-made maypole, but painted and decorated it themselves. And of course the team was also responsible for setting it up.

And since a good party should not be without something to eat, the staff could provide themselves with bratwurst sandwiches. The proceeds of the sale go to a good cause.