mSuccess: Penn Textile Solutions chooses quality from Bavaria

Penn Textile Solutions seen from outside

For its special compression knitted fabrics, the textile company has invested in new measuring and control technology from Mahlo - with convincing results.

Mahlo has been working successfully for many years with Penn Textile Solutions, one of the world's leading manufacturers of elastic fabrics for underwear, corsetry, sportswear and swimwear, as well as highly functional textiles for technical applications. In recent years, Penn has specialised, among other things, in the production of precision-fit and contour-fitting compression knitted fabrics. In order to further improve the production processes as well as the quality of these demanding textiles, the company has invested in new systems from Mahlo. The new measurement and control technology enables consistent compliance with Penn's desired parameters. Scrap in the form of manufacturing waste due to mismatched quality parameters has been reduced by 5%.

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