Open your mouth against blood cancer

Mahlo with typing campaign for the DKMS

DKMS campaign against blood cancer

Open your mouth, swab, be a donor: it is really as easy as DKMS advertises in its slogan to register as a life saver in the bone marrow donor file. Over 35 Mahlo coworkers did exactly that at the mAktionstage now.

Normally, the DKMS counts with 10 per cent of the staff being participants at company campaign. The Mahlonesen had already exceeded this value on the first day - with above-average participation. CEO Rainer Mestermann was also enthusiastic about that: “It’s nice that our  mAktionstage were so well accepted with this important topic.”

The commercial trainees under the direction of trainer Eva-Maria Markl ensured that the typing campaign ran smoothly on three different dates. It took the participants less than ten minutes to fill in their forms and wet three cotton swabs with sufficient DNA from the oral cavity. Packed in the envelopes provided by the DKMS, the materials were returned to the non-profit organization. There, the participants are registered in a worldwide donor file and notified if they are eligible as donors.

At Mahlo, the demand to be typecast was so great that donor packages were reordered.  The employees are now giving new hope to blood cancer patients from all over the world.