Prälat-Michael Thaller-School is delighted with check

Mahlo works council and staff made a donation

Presentation of donation check

Work council chairman Matthias Ziegler (right) hands over donation check to school principal Wolfgang Niemitz.

Right at the beginning of the year, the Prälat-Michael-Thaller-School from Abensberg had a nice surprise: a check for 300 Euro from Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG. The staff of the machine building company had diligently collected donations during the pre-Christmas period.

(Kopie 4)

Principal Wolfgang Niemitz received the check from Matthias Ziegler, chairman of the works council, on behalf of the Mahlo staff. According to Niemitz, the money could be put to good use, for example, for teaching materials or playground equipment. The private special education center offers children and adolescents diagnostic and remedial classes, school preparation facilities and daycare centers.

The donation to the Prälat-Michael Thaller-School, which is based in Abensberg and has branches in Biburg, Mainburg, Mitterfecking and Rohr, has become a bit of a tradition at Mahlo in recent years and is going to exactly the right address - the Mahlonese are sure of that.