Speech at PI Film Seminar in China

Presentation China

WLI technology for thickness measurement

Frank Fei, Chief Representative China, joined in the 2nd PI Film Seminar in Dongying city on May 18-20, 2023. At the event focusing on high-tech films, he introduced Mahlo technology for web gauging in a short lecture. About 350 people from universities and institutes, raw materials providers, film manufacturers, equipment providers, etc. joined in the show.

“China invests in the high-quality PI films imported before, such as ultra-thin PI film, colourless PI film, 3-layer PI film, etc.”, says Fei. The market is growing and needs systems to ensure the high quality of the produced films. That’s where Mahlo fits perfectly. Their white light interference sensor Optoscope WLI measures thickness, basis weight and coating thickness of polymer films contactless and continuously. The measuring principle makes sure that even optical clear or slightly opaque thin films/coatings show interference colors under white light illumination and therefore can be measured. “Continuous development of the sensor has ensured that even more accurate measurement results are produced.” Another benefit: compared to beta sensors, no special requirements are needed for the installation.