Video | Welcome to the K Show 2022

Thomas Höpfl, Sales Director at Mahlo welcomes you to the K plastics trade fair and gives a short tour of our booth.

The plastics trade fair K, the leading international trade fair for the plastics industry is in full swing. The Mahlo team in hall 10 booth E14 has their hands full. Find out more about Mahlo's measuring and control solutions for extrusion and film.

Overcoming challenges in the plastics industry together is the declared goal of the Bavarian mechanical engineering company. "Manufacturers are faced with the task of producing ever higher quality and more complex products, while at the same time using fewer resources," says Sales Manager Thomas Höpfl, describing the current situation. To achieve this, both the composition and the specified parameters of the goods must be right.

With the Qualiscan QMS-12, Mahlo offers renowned online measurement and control solutions for variables such as coating thickness, coating application and moisture. The modular quality measuring system impresses with a portfolio of measuring frames of different sizes and sensors for almost all requirements in the extrusion and film sector. "With precisely controlled and regulated process parameters, fabric quality and line utilization can be improved. At the same time, you can optimize the raw material input and produce more sustainably," Höpfl continues.

At the Mahlo booth, visitors can see the latest developments "made in Germany" from the comprehensive sensor portfolio. For example, the Infrascope NIR sensor, which is part of Mahlo's Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system, can be seen in live operation. The infrared sensor measures coating, moisture and individual layers without contact and without affecting the goods. Also on display at the show is the Optoscope WLI sensor. It uses white light interference and is particularly well suited for transparent films and coatings. "Continuous development of the sensor has ensured that even more accurate measurement results are produced," says Wulbeck. Visitors will have the opportunity to test and analyze samples they have brought along directly on site at the demo tower.