Permaset VMT

Control of dwell time and fixing time

Infrared pyrometer

To determine the dwell time or fixing time for a desired product temperature, the surface temperature of the product is measured without contact at several locations in the dryer using high-temperature resistant infrared pyrometers. Up 64 sensors are possible.  The dryer speed is automatically adapted.

Product Highlights

  • Non-contacting product temperature measurement
  • High-temperature rated sensors
  • Little assembly and maintenance effort
  • Self-cleaning sensors

Customer benefits

  • Highest repeatability
  • Optimal utilisation of the stenter capacity
  • Less energy required / yard goods
  • Highest process reliability
  • Short amortisation time
  • Elimination of safety margins

Stenter control made easy

Without knowledge of what’s happening during a fixing, thermo-isolating, condensing or gelling process in the drying chambers, the stenter has to be looked at like a block box. The user had only his own experience to fall back on. Settings for circulation temperature and stenter speed have to be determined empirically. To ensure adequate process reliability most stenters are operated with large safety margins regarding possible speeds. They are therefore far away from optimal utilisation of machine capacity and energy invested.

In many processes knowledge of what happens in the stenter is not only an economic question. The achievable product quality also depends largely on the suitable temperature and dwell time.

With thermo-fixing of textiles with Lycra portions excessive product temperatures may, for example, cause the Lycra portion to loose elasticity. This would mean significant quality reduction.

To ensure repeatable processes, the use of appropriate measuring equipment in the drier chambers is essential.

HP-270-0Standard version
HP-270-1With sensor extension and mounted control box
HP-270-2With mounting plate for the sensor
HP-270-3With sensor extension and remote control box