Airpro APM

Measurement of permeability / pressure drops

Measurement of pressure drop / permeability

Airpro APM allows for a highly dynamic and traversing measurement of air permeability and pressure drops on the running product web across the entire product width. Applications range from all types of surface structures, felts, dense paper and airbag fabric to extremely open nonwovens and paper sieves.

Product Highlights

  • Large measuring range
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Long service life

Customer benefits

  • Easy and fast measurement method
  • Many units of measurement available
  • Reports for recorded quality

In the textile and clothing sector, air permeability is important for the exchange of air between the inner layers of clothing and the environment.

This will substantially influence the wearing comfort of clothes. Air permeability is also important for drying after washing. In the technical sector, it plays a role in air and gas filters – or with air bags in the automobile industry.

  • Apparel textiles
  • Air / gas filters
  • Airbags
  • etc.


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