Thermoset OMT

Control of web temperature

Infrared pyrometer

The product temperature at the dryer delivery depends on the residual moisture. To determine the residual moisture the surface temperature of the product is measured at the outlet of the dryer using a high-temperature resistant infrared pyrometer without contact. The dryer speed is automatically adapted.

Product Highlights

  • Non-contacting product temperature measurement
  • High-temperature rated sensors
  • Little assembly and maintenance effort
  • Self-cleaning sensors

Customer benefits

  • Highest repeatability
  • Optimal utilisation of the stenter capacity
  • Less energy required / yard goods
  • Highest process reliability
  • Short amortisation time
  • Elimination of safety margins

Reliable dwell time control is indispensable for maximum economy of production and maximum product quality. Thermoset OMT makes a key contribution to this end.

Thermoset OMT1 sensor to determine the fabric temperature
Permaset VMTup to 64 sensors to determine the temperature profile in the stenter frame