Upgrade Famacont PMC to Optipac VMC

From Sensor to process control

Quality and efficiency of a production process can be increased with optimal process control from Mahlo. This gives Mahlo customers a clear advantage over their competitors. Users of a Famacont PMC-12 or 15 are now able to further increase their economy utilising a simple system upgrade for the multifunctional Optipac VMC-15.

Additional measured values?

A Famacont PMC in the production line already offers the best precondition to optimise key parameters such as knit density, weft thread and course count and to ensure a homogeneous end product. The upgrade to the Optipac VMC-15 allows to measure and to control additional key values for high-quality fabrics.

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Your added value?

  • Better quality level and homogeneity of the end products
  • Considerable reduction of reject rates and thus fewer complaints
  • Optimisation of the drying process and thus the production speed
  • Gradual increase of efficiency and effectiveness of the drying processes
  • Savings in steadily increasing costs for energy and material ressources


Control additional important parameters

Sensor Textometer RMS

Control residual moisture

Textometer RMS
verifies the ideal residual moisture or low moisture level of the product web in the drying process.

Sensor Ecomat AML

Control exhaust air humidity

Ecomat AML
optimises the exhaust air moisture control to maximize the evaporation capacity while saving energy.

Infrarot pyrometer Permaset VMT

Control dwell time

Permaset VMT
monitors the product temperature contactlessly and thus the optimal dwell time during the thermo-fixation process

High temperature sensor Thermosense HP270

Measure fabric temperature

Thermoset OMT
contactlessly controls the temperature of the product surface during the drying process.

Optipac VMC-15 control system for stenters

The modular design allows adapting the Optipac VMC-15 flexibly to almost all applications. Thus, standard requirements as well as special demands can be fulfilled.

Scope of delivery?


  • An electronic control unit, type Optipac VMC-15, which will be integrated in the existing PMC-12 or 15 basic unit (when upgrading from PMC-12 to VMC-15, the PMC module will also be upgraded to Generation 15)
  • Additional electronic assemblies for the other modules, which are integrated in the existing PMC-12 or 15 basic unit
  • New sensors, interface boxes and special wiring for the additional modules


  • Update to the must current versions for Optipac VMC-15, PMC-15 and the respective additional modules, incl. software licenses


  • New operating instructions for Optipac VMC-15, including the respective additional modules

Take advantage of the benefits of the upgrade package today?

Stay one step ahead of the competition – with Mahlo!

  • More useful functions
  • Optimised product efficiency
  • Higher product quality
  • Significant cost savings
  • Sustainable production processes


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