Mahlo response to COVID-19

We keep going

Dear Valued Business Partners,

These are unprecedented times, with the global spread and the associated impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Mahlo deeply cares for the safety, health, and wellbeing of its employees and business partners, while continuing to serve our customers.

The proactive steps we have taken over the past weeks were largely ahead of advises from health organizations and governmental guidance. By being proactive, we are working to limit the risk to our team and partners and take care of our customers who we know rely on our ongoing support.

We want to emphasize that as of today Mahlo is continuing its business in all functional areas and we are committed to providing the best service possible to our customers under these challenging circumstances.

To continue operations, we have instituted several policies to reduce the risk of potential transmission.

  1. Remote Work
    All employees who can carry out their work remotely are now operating  from their homes. Our team continues to be available by phone, video messaging, and email. Everybody working from home has full electronic access to all resources required to perform their regular duties.

    We may be working a little differently these days, but never have been more connected.

  2. Travel Restrictions
    We have suspended business travel until further notice. Exceptions are possible and will be handled restrictively considering the specific situation. During this time, our sales and customer service teams will continue to work remotely to service our customers.

  3. Sales & Customer Service, Order Processing, Project Management and Administration
    Our team members in Germany and all subsidiaries can be reached by their regular phone numbers and emails as usual.

  4. Manufacturing Operations
    At this stage, our plant in Germany is fully operational. We have implemented multiple preventive measures, including social distancing, suspending all non-essential vendor visits and increased cleaning measures to ensure the safety and protection of our associates. Visits by customers to our facility are currently not possible. We will continue to accept customer product samples to be sent to our facilities for test.

    We want to emphasize that for the time being our supply chain works and there are no shortages of any supplies that cannot be managed. Mahlo’s in-house production depth for many components is a specific advantage in these days. Combined with our multiple source strategy this ensures ongoing operation to the benefit of our global customer base.

    The only area considered as partly critical is freight forwarding due to routing restrictions in some areas. Please be assured that our experienced team will overcome these potential bottlenecks wherever possible.

We want to use this opportunity to praise the support and hard work from everybody at Mahlo and our global network of business partners who continue to be instrumental for the running of our business during these challenging times.

Together we will get past this. This is a time of uncertainty and it will take our combined efforts to put this pandemic behind us. Thank you very much for your understanding and continuing support.

We greatly value our partnership.