Christmas trees instead of Christmas party

Greenwood-Mahlo family donates to "Treemer" organization

Christmas tree in the forest

Every year, the Greenwood-Mahlo family has invited their employees to a Christmas party with homemade goulash soup and punch to thank the Mahlonese for their efforts.

Like many events, this cherished tradition falls victim to Corona this year. If a joint celebration with the staff was not possible, the family of entrepreneurs wanted to carry on the Christmas spirit in another way and do something good. Ralph and Aura Greenwood-Mahlo therefore decided to support the Treemer organization from Ebermannstadt in the reforestation of 100 domestic silver firs.

The background: Christmas trees are a tradition for many people and only a few want to do without them. Every year, around 29 million Christmas trees are sold in Germany and are usually simply disposed of after the holidays. As Treemer informs, the native silver fir - the original Christmas tree in our latitudes - is too little represented, although it is an important component of the forest ecosystem. The organization is therefore committed to reforestation and sustainable forestry in Germany, among other things. "We want Treemer to plant 100 native white firs," says Ralph Greenwood-Mahlo. "It's a simple but meaningful contribution to climate protection.