Large number of visitors at Mahlo at ITM2022

First physical Turkish fair of the year great success for Mahlo

Mahlo trade fair team at ITM 2022

Thumbs up for Mahlo at the ITM 2022 trade fair. The crowds of visitors were huge.

From 14- 18 June 2022 more than 64000 visitors from all over the world visited the international textile machinery fair ITM in Istanbul. Mahlo was also on site. In cooperation with the Turkish representation Masters Ltd. a successful fair appearance succeeded.

During the 5 busy days the booth crew consisting of Masters Ltd, the Turkish service partner Mahlo Teknik LTD and the team from Mahlo in Germany advised numerous customers. The most important questions revolved around textile finishing, textile straightening and process control, and quality control on running webs. "After the difficult pandemic years, we had not expected, but hoped for such a rush of visitors," said Managing Director Rainer Mestermann. "But it seems that customers - like us - are grateful and eager to make personal contacts again."


For textile finishers in Turkey and all over the world applies the same: In most applications, distorted fabric is one of the biggest problems to be solved. Distortions change the original structure of the product, reduce the quality and thus the prices to be achieved. They must be eliminated in order to preserve the full utilisation value of the product. Regardless of surface effects, this must be done fully automatically at today's commonly high product speeds. Not an easy task!


“But for almost every demand, Mahlo has the perfect solution”, Areal Sales Manager Adnan Andac says. “The weft straightener Orthopac RVMC-15 is the epitome for straight goods.” Based on experience reaching back to the year 1945, the machine offers the latest technology for correcting distortions and optimising the processes all around the stenter. Optoelectronic scanning with oscillating lens and DSP (digital signal processor) is probably the most sensitive and versatile system on the market. Arranged on a carrier bridge, several of these sensors simultaneously detect the position of the weft thread at different points. The scanning system detects and analyses the regular basic structure of the weft threads, courses or rows of tufting. It automatically adapts the control system to a wide variety of textiles, even with the most complicated fabric structures.


In order to correct the measured distortions, the textile user requires a sophisticated and universally applicable straightener with the highest possible customer benefit in terms of versatility and ease of use. “The new device generation 15 has been developed especially for the requirements of the market and has been optimised for almost all applications”, so Andac. "We were pleased to be able to present our systems at ITM. We are already looking forward to the next ITM in 2024, where we will definitely be back."