Experiencing Mahlo systems in practice

Trainee trip to Textilveredlung Drechsel

Mahlo trainees as guests at Textilveredlung Drechsel

Industrial trainees at Mahlo know the systems of the machine builder from the first screw, their commercial colleagues are familiar with the complete process from quotation to delivery. Where exactly a straightening machine or a quality measuring system is used at a customer's site, however, is something they normally do not see. So it's all the nicer that the company Textilveredlung Drechsel GmbH from Selb has now made it possible for our 37 trainees to take a look behind the scenes during a factory tour.


"We were very pleased to have the opportunity to show our apprentices how our products are integrated into a production line," says trainer Andreas Beil. "We would like to thank the Drechsel company for this." The visit came about, among other things, thanks to the good contacts of our application technology in the person of Hermann Stroer and Christian Matthias with the representatives of Drechsel.

The family-run textile finishing company from Upper Franconia has been a Mahlo customer for many years. The production spectrum ranges from washing and bleaching to dyeing, finishing and coating of textile surfaces. It was exactly this diversity that made the tour of the company so valuable for the trainees. During the tour through the production, they were not only able to see a straightening machine, a fine straightener and a straightening system for particularly heavy goods, but also three quality measuring systems in action.

"It was interesting to see how our machines are used by our customers. Especially in the office, you usually don't see as much of it," says Tobias Sixt, a first-year industrial clerk apprentice.

His colleague Tobias Schweiger, a fourth-year mechatronics technician, agrees completely. "For me, it was exciting to observe the straightening machine and QMS in operation with different products."

In addition to many interesting insights, Drechsel also provided a substantial snack for the entire group at the end. The refreshment was also necessary, because from Selb they went directly to Regensburg to the Boulder World. Under the guidance of three trainers, everyone who wanted to could try out the climbing walls. "We really enjoyed it," said Tobias Schweiger.

"Due to the positive reactions we received from our trainees, we are planning such activities in the future as well," says Beil. "On the one hand, it promotes the trainees' relationship to our systems, and on the other hand, it strengthens cohesion when people get to know each other better outside the workplace." Conversely, the Drechsel company is of course also welcome to visit with its trainees at any time.