Index 2021

Mahlo measuring and control technology at leading trade fair for nonwovens

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Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG will be presenting product solutions for high-quality and efficient nonwovens production at Index from 19 to 22 October in Geneva, Switzerland. On booth 4127 you can see, among other things, the latest sensor development for the established quality measurement system Qualiscan QMS-12.

Nonwovens are used in almost every industrial sector and are becoming increasingly important: filter nonwovens ensure clean drinking water, the health sector relies on nonwovens for infection protection, and extremely durable geotextiles play an important role in the construction of dams. No matter what tasks the nonwoven products perform, their functionality must always be 100% guaranteed. However, this can only be achieved if every production step runs flawlessly, and all specifications developed in advance are fulfilled. Important parameters in the manufacturing process are weight per unit area, moisture or layer thickness. With its established system solutions, Mahlo can determine these values reliably and without contact. In this way, the German machine manufacturer helps manufacturers and finishers to achieve first-class quality standards and maximum efficiency in production.


The modular system, which also includes sensors and measuring frames, measures, records and controls critical parameters such as basis weight, moisture or layer thickness across the entire width of the fabric. Depending on the application and task, different measuring methods are used for this purpose. Among others, there is a choice of X-ray and beta radiation, white light interference or near-infrared measurement. The latter also uses the latest technical development from Mahlo: as the Infralot IMF-T version, the basis weight and moisture sensor also uses the transmission method for the first time when measuring. This makes it the ideal solution for thicker materials up to 500 g/m². In addition, in contrast to conventional methods, it completely dispenses with a rotating filter wheel. With Mahlo's newly developed simultaneous filter, all wavelengths are measured simultaneously and at the same point. Instead, the light is distributed simultaneously to six detectors. This eliminates measurement inaccuracies and enables true seed-spot measurement of reference and absorption resonances.

Visitors to the Index will find further solutions, tailored to their needs and requirements, from the Mahlo experts at booth 4127.