Mahlo at the Battery Show Europe

Web gauging systems for LIB market

Mahlo at the Battery Show 2022

For the first time, Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG presents its measurement and control systems at the Battery Show Europe, 28-30 June in Stuttgart, Germany. As building a better battery starts with better online measurement, and Mahlo’s experience and understanding of the Lithium Ion Battery industry has allowed the German machine builder to tailor web gauging systems specifically for the LIB components and processes.

The Lithium Ion Battery market has become increasingly more sophisticated resulting in much tighter product specifications and quality standards for coating the electrodes. The coating can be a complete continuous coating, rows of coated stripes or discontinuous patches. By utilizing intelligent sensor and scanner techniques, the Mahlo Qualiscan QMS systems measure important parameters such as basis weight or coating thickness on-line continuously and with extreme precision and response. Different measuring techniques such as near-infrared, X-ray or beta sensors are used.

The continuous on-line measurement enables a clear and immediate understanding of the coating quality in real time. This allows the user to react immediately to any abnormalities and eliminate them.

At stand 6A-21, the experts will provide information about the appropriate systems for the respective application and look forward to a competent professional exchange.