Mahlo at the Innovative Textile and Apparel Show

Premiere of the virtual trade fair for textiles and nonwovens

Virtual trade show booth

Mahlo's virtual booth at Innovative Textile and Apparel Show

Trade shows go digital: The Innovative Textile and Apparel Show is one of the first trade fairs to be held completely virtually. Mahlo GmbH + Co KG does not miss this opportunity to get in contact with customers from all over the world in these special times. The experts from Germany present the latest systems and solutions for efficient and high-quality textile production and finishing. The Bavarian machine manufacturer's presentation will focus on process optimization in a digital environment. Visitors have free admission and can register for the fair at

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"Your Data Highway starts here": this is the all-embracing motto at Mahlo's booth, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the digital world of the Bavarian think tank. mSmart is the concept that defines the digital environment. Mahlo systems communicate with each other and generate data that the customer can immediately use to control his goods on-line with the mPilot control room software. In addition, these values are stored in the new data analysis tool mLog and can be called up at any time to optimize processes and minimize weak spots in the process. Thus they meet the definition of a modern industry 4.0.

Straight goods and optimized processes

Since the name Mahlo has been synonymous with high-quality automatic weft straighteners in the textile industry for decades, the straightening equipment sector is a must for the show. The experts' recipe for success is decades of experience coupled with the latest technological developments. Whether roller or needle straighteners, whether for most delicate textiles or large, heavy fabrics - interested parties can obtain information to suit their specific requirements.

Process control systems such as the Patcontrol PCS for pattern recognition and the Famacont PMC for controlling weft thread and stitch row density also contribute to high-quality textile production and finishing. Mahlo aims to support manufacturers in optimizing their production processes and thus the end product in a cost-efficient manner. Visitors can use their own data with interactive ROI calculators to test how an investment in the Mahlo systems on offer could affect their production. 


Solutions for technical textiles and nonwovens

However, Mahlo's product range is not limited to the classic textiles sector. For technical textiles and nonwovens, support in the production process is also available. The focus here is on the Qualiscan QMS quality measurement system. This modular system, which consists of sensors and measuring frames, measures, records and controls critical parameters such as basis weight, moisture or layer thickness across the entire width of the fabric. Depending on the application and task, different measuring methods are used for this purpose. Among others, near infrared measurement, white light interference or X-ray and beta radiation are available. Thanks to this broad portfolio, Mahlo offers customized solutions for almost all requirements.

Coming together, even if staying apart - Mahlo is looking forward to many visitors!