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Even though we at Mahlo would very much like to have personal contact with our customers and partners - unfortunately, the current situation allows almost no visits in person. But even if we cannot be on site, we would like to stay present. That's why we're breaking new ground and presenting, among many other digital touchpoints, our new webcast mCast with topics related to Mahlo.

Every two weeks, our specialists from application technology and sales will now shed light on application-related topics. How do I straighten certain textiles? What process control do I need for certain finishing tasks? What needs to be considered in the production and coating of films?

The first episode is all about lace. This link will take you directly to the mCast:

Many fascinating things are associated with lace. One of the less fascinating things is the fact that there is no weft or warp. This makes it impossible to detect any structure with the usual weft detection sensors. But of course, Mahlo offers an alternative solution: The line scan camera. Instead of detecting the weft, this technology detects the pattern of the lace, and with this information, it's a snap for Mahlo's weft straighteners to straighten the fabric. Our product manager for textile applications, Stephan Kehry, explains the problems with lace and how to solve them. It is explained how the line camera works and what advantages it brings to our customers' business.

Our next mCast on the subject of terry fabrics will be published on 27.04.2021.
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