Aqualot HMF

Measurement of moisture

Mr Matthias Wulbeck
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Microwave resonance

The Aqualot HMF use microwave technology to measure moisture without contact. The system measures regardless of the composition of the water, pH value changes in the material, material fillers or colour pigments.

Product Highlights

  • Highly accurate and stable measurement thanks to microwave-resonance analysis
  • Unaffected by the color of the product web or its chemical composition
  • Temperature compensation by using a pyrometer to detect product temperature

Customer benefits

  • Non-destructive, continuous determination of the amount of moisture (H2O) in product webs
  • Extremely accurate and stable measurements; calibration reduced to a minimum
  • Long life expectancy  through the use of high-quality components

  • Textile, non-woven, paper, cardboard
  • Coating, surface creation
  • Also suitable for thick products (up to 10 mm)
  • Measurement of absolute humidity from approx. 2-3 gH2O/m²
  • Residual moisture and high moisture

The sensor consists of two parts, which together form a resonance chamber, and the product passes through the centre of this divided chamber. A microwave emitter stimulates two standing waves in the resonance chamber, whereby one of the two corresponds to the absorption wavelength of the water molecules in the microwave spectrum and the second serves as a reference.

Contrary to the traditional absorption technique, the Aqualot HMF device evaluates the shift in the resonant frequency of the two standing waves with respect to each other rather than the attenuation of the microwaves by the quantity of water molecules in the measuring gap.

Product moisture is an extremely important parameter for the manufacturer and processor of web products such as paper, textiles, cardboard and nonwovens. Microwave-absorption technology has been used for quite some time to determine this quantity online, but up to now, limited resolution has restricted its use to measurement of larger quantities of water, thus preventing it from being used to measure thinner products or lower levels of moisture.

With this intelligent measuring technique it is possible to detect even the smallest amounts of water exceedingly accurately and with a high degree of stability, thereby enabling it to be used on even thin printing paper, airbag materials or the nonwovens used in the hygiene sector, without its accuracy being affected by product colour or composition.

Measuring range2 - 7010 - 600600 - 1500g/m² H2O


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