Webpro L-II

Double-sided measuring frame for large widths

Mr Matthias Wulbeck
+49 9441 601 123

Big O-frame, many sensors

The WebPro L traversing frames represent the pinnacle of the Mahlo scanning frame family. They are available in traverse widths of up to 6,6 meters, and can run up to five Mahlo sensors continuously, precisely and rapidly across the online product.

Product Highlights

  • Up to 5 sensors and 6,6 m product width
  • Easy to install and connect
  • A minimum of upkeep and maintenance costs, along with high availability and long service life
  • The ultra-precise carriageguide mechanism guarantees really accurate measurements from the various sensors

Customer benefits

  • Intelligent scanning frame with integrated real-time computer
  • Extremely rugged, mechanical construction assures troublefree operation and long service life
  • Maintenance-friendly design

  • Processing of webs up to 6.6 metres wide
  • Coating applications under difficult environmental conditions,
  • Production and finishing of textiles and nonwovens
  • Manufacture of glass fibre matting
  • Paper impregnation for the production of furniture film and laminates
  • PVC calendering for floors
  • Coating of carpets
  • Production of imitation leather
  • Production of plastic films
  • Extrusion coating

A frequency-controlled AC gearmotor drives via a shaft one or two vertically arranged drive belts (one each top and bottom). These are fixed to the scanners‘ platform-type carriages, which in turn are attached laterally or diagonally to the supports and which can be traversed on accurately pre-adjusted precision profile rails and bearings.

As the scanner traverses the moving web, it provides a cross-machine direction profile of basis weight, thickness or moisture on the display console that is a crosssection of the manufactured product. The scanning width can be predetermined in recipe, or the the product edges can be automatically tracked by the standard edge detectors to eliminate any effects of web wander.

Since the measurement-related data supplied by the sensors is processed immediately by a realtime computer in the traversing frame, it can be transferred to the central control computer via an easy-to-run network cable.

Nominal product width600 - 6600mm
Measuring gap, maximum 1160mm
Number of sensors, maximum5pieces

1) sensor dependent


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