Textometer RMS

Control of residual moisture

Measuring electrical conductivity

Moisture retention (residual moisture) is an important criterion in terms of later finishing, finished product scrap and energy optimizing. Electrodes determine the residual moisture at the outlet of the dryer utilising electrical conductivity measurement.

The dryer speed is automatically adjusted until the desired degree of drying has been reached. Many different electrodes are available for a wide variety of applications.

Product Highlights

  • Measurement of even low percentages of residual moisture
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Maintenance and trouble-free

Customer benefits

  • Higher productivity and better quality
  • Optimal residual moisture for further processing
  • Optimal use of drying capacity

One of the most important criteria in drying processes is the product moisture. The correct residual moisture of the product determines the economical factor in each drying procedure as well as the quality of the product and/or later finishing to a great extent.

Overdrying of the textile usually has a very negative effect on product appearance and feel. Residual moisture below the hygroscopic moisture balance results in weight loss and thus lower profits. If the textile is overdried in the stenter the drier speed drops significantly: an enormous reduction of the dryer capacity.

  • Textile finishing
  • Stenter frame