Upgrade Orthopac RVMC-12 ⇒ 15

New generation straightening technology

The Orthopac RVMC straightener is one of Mahlo's bestsellers. Tens of thousands of these machines are in use worldwide. Due to their robust construction, many of these weft straighteners are in good mechanical condition.

The machine generation 15 undoubtedly marks the pinnacle in straightening the textile surface. State-of-the-art electronics, future-oriented control algorithms and all the necessary requirements to set the course for success in the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0.

A prerequisite for this: An upgrade of the weft straighteners from Generation 12 (built between 2003 and 2014) to Generation 15, thus ensuring that we can continue to provide optimum support for our customers' existing machines and that they will continue to perform their services in proven Mahlo quality for a long time to come.

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Welcome to the New Power Generation

With this upgrade, we are upgrading the electronic control technology of the Orthopac RVMC-12 devices to the current B&R Generation 15 controller. A great added value for the customer is the sensitive fabric tension control, which always keeps the fabric tension as low as possible.

  • Automatic adaptation of the control parameters to the web speed
  • Automatic adaptation of the control parameters to the scanner damping
  • Optimized response time even with the utilization of the new straightening concept
  • Improved actuator technology for faster and gentler straightening results
  • Additional diagnostic and configuration tools

Fit for Industry 4.0?

In order to enable the immediate interaction of machines, data must be exchanged reliably and easily configurable via secure communication. With the Generation 15 upgrade, the customer can access the machine not only from anywhere – provided an Internet connection is available.

Customers also have the option of connecting any machine to the network via an OPC UA server – i.e. an interface for software from different manufacturers – with the fitting connectivity.

  • Networking: Communication between machines and operators
  • Transparency: Data available online, including historical data
  • Technical support: Remote service by service technicians from Saal or by local sales partners
  • Decentralised decisions: Online control of important parameters directly at the production machine


When visualizing the G 15 machines, all relevant parameters can be displayed in a freely configurable way. This lets the user view all of his key values at the same time. This sharpens the attention of the operator. And: Quality always remains visible.

    What is being converted??

    • Actuators hydraulic and electric
    • Web tension control
    • Spreading device, entry
    • Spreading device, exit
    • User-friendly visualization

    Take advantage of the benefits of the upgrade package today?

    Stay one step ahead of the competition – with Mahlo!

    • Secured spare parts supply for the future
    • Improved and future-proof technology (e.g. optimized control loop)
    • Integration of older machine generations into the existing setup
    • Sustainability of production by upcycling existing machines
    • Increased efficiency


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