Scanner CK-15

Imaging scanning

Thomas Höpfl Mr Thomas Höpfl
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Camera sensor

A high-resolution camera determines the angle of the weft thread of a running textile web.

Product Highlights

  • Latest camera technology
  • Fixed focus (no product-dependent adjustment necessary)

Customer benefits

  • Automatic scanning of even complicated fabric structures

Distortion detection with camera technology

Several high-resolution cameras placed across the product width scan the passing material web. The angle of the weft thread is determined by FFT analysis.

Interfering signals not agreeing with the frequency of weft threads, courses or  rows of tufting are filtered digitally. Only signals relevant to distortion are analysed and the web distortion is calculated automatically and precisely from this.

Suitable lighting versions (refl ex light, transmitted light, power lights) are available also featuring automatic adjustment of the light intensity to different material grades.